We regularly hear back from clients who have been delighted with the reception that our seminars and workshops have got and the changes they’ve seen in their people as a result.

“A great session, it was refreshing to see what good looks like in the era of virtual/remote training.”
– Global Resource Manager

“Very good content, very well delivered using Microsoft Teams.”
– Corporate Lawyer

“Enjoyable, inspiring, thought-provoking and useful.”
– Charity Director

“This was an extremely high-quality workshop.”
– Local Government Officer

“Concrete, and very useful for a manager.”
– Insurance Assessor

“A unique masterclass in public speaking.”
– Client Director

“The best session of all the course.”
– Financial Services Graduate

“A rich session, ably led.”
– Engineering Leader

“Fundamental and in-depth understanding of the issues.”
– Accountancy Director

“One of the best workshops I have ever done.”
– Bank Manager

“Very pleased I took the course – extremely practical.”
– Tax Lawyer

“Entertaining yet super insightful and thoroughly well designed.”
– Legal partner

“Everything discussed has stuck in my mind because the facilitation approach was different.”
– Business Services Manager

“This trainer is brilliant. Engaging, attentive and genuinely cares about the attendees getting something out of the session.”
– Senior Legal Associate

“This method of learning by playing was much more effective.”
– In House Lawyer

“This course is excellent and I would recommend it to my colleagues.”
Back Office Manager

“I can’t honestly think of anything that could be done to improve the learning experience; the trainer was extremely engaging and all attendees participated enthusiastically.”
Travel Company director

“Amazing trainer, great approach, works with everyone personally and at the end of the course the results were already visible in all of us.”
Business Manager

“The trainer was incredible – super colourful, engaging, illustrative. Best trainer I’ve ever had!”
Associate Lawyer

“The best ideas in life are those you look at and think: ‘Yes, of course, I should’ve known that!’ That’s what this course was like – turning your intuitive, subconscious knowledge into a well-defined instrument you can use… a personal approach and tailoring and addressing each individual’s challenges… very rare at a training event.”
Professional Services Leader

 “Much better than expected. This course should be compulsory… it looks a bit ‘fluffy’; but it’s not.”

“Thank you for making sure the time we spent with you over the last couple of days was both meaningful and fun! I found the training very interesting, it gave me plenty to think about, I learnt new skills and it also validated some of things I am doing already.”
Client Manager

“The Spontaneity Shop’s impact workshop is an excellent day of fun, scenario-based role-play games that quickly and powerfully demonstrate that behaviours and body language are the keys to exhibiting charismatic output. And these techniques can be learned and executed by anyone! Every single person on my course came away energised, inspired and convinced that they would perform more effectively, more impact-fully and less anxiously in their work and lives generally. The coach’s expert analysis of individual’s needs and his subsequent provision of the skills to transform behaviours was extraordinary to experience. This is truly life-changing stuff and very highly recommended.”
Event Director

“Thanks for a well delivered session last week, we have had lots of great feedback!”
Sales Director

“We did enjoy your seminar; we think it was the best one of the conference, everyone was talking about it all day!”
Medical Information Scientist

“For an organisation such as ours it is not easy to find training providers that not only understand the nuances of a creative workforce, but also exhibit and factor this creativity into the training they provide. Both Tom and Alex ensure that the training they provide is essentially linked to the delegates main objectives in an edgy and creative way that makes it easy for our delegates to relate to.”
Global Media Development Executive

“An excellent coach. Positive, engaging, amusing when appropriate and never straying from the plot. I would certainly recommend the Spontaneity Shop.”

“I just wanted to send a feedback from my end as I was so excited about the last day. I have to say that this workshop was VERY good, and we learnt a lot in one day; for me much more useful as it was practice not just talk.”
Creative Team Manager

“Please find feedback from Monday’s session… all agreed or strongly agreed that the session was valuable and a good investment of time which is great news. Not surprisingly, they all thought you did a fab job – thanks!”
Investment Banking Analyst Team Leader

“Inspiring and energising; very valuable in terms of team-building.”
Pharma Associate

“Just wanted to say that my presentation was fab! I got great feedback. Thanks so much for the great advice and help you gave me, it was extremely useful.”
Board Member Coaching Client

“The best session of the conference – I can see why he is a repeat performer.”
Human Resources Manager

“Your session was the most memorable and impactful course I have been on at the firm.”
Global Advisory Consultant

“It was a really amazing class, so I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed it. I no longer feel nervous in presentations. In fact I’ve started looking forward to them, knowing that I now have the tools to not only aaa rolex hodinek make the experience more pleasant for myself, but to make sure the people I’m presenting to have a good time too. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating with people. Amazing.”
Advertising Client Director

“I attended one of your courses on Sales Pitching in 2012, and I still refer to it as the best day’s training I have ever done.”
Professional Services Sales Leader

“This trainer is a gem. The venue and the trainer combined was such a good thing. His teaching style is great; he uses comedy very well, and the way he uses his voice was great.”
Consultancy Partner

“At this stage of the programme we were getting filled up and mentally exhausted. Nonetheless he was able to engage us to push through and broaden the experience outcomes. A great, positive approach to feedback reinforced a strong learning environment. I cannot speak highly enough of the inclusion of this session in the programme.”
Business School Attendee

“Some of the most surprising moments of the full week. Went directly into my heart.”
Company Director

“An excellent trainer. Usually I would be cringing in my seat if I had to do any sort of role play but he made it all so natural and worthwhile.”
Business Services Associate

“Superb! Completely engaged the audience, took us on a journey and helped everyone come away with useful techniques – that we had practiced – to improve our impact.”
In-house Legal Counsel

“I would recommend this course to colleagues. I would also recommend that this company comes in to coach people getting ready to do a pitch.”
Business Development Professional

“A great trainer. He kept us interested by working on scenarios instead of sitting there writing and making notes; very approachable.”
Real Estate Lawyer

“One of the best training sessions I have been on in a long time. Funny, interactive, and alive.”
Financial Services Consultant