For 20 years our specialist team has been helping people in global organisations become more confident and expert at building relationships and communicating with influence. Today those fundamental principles of human connection can help your people overcome the communication challenges of the pandemic. Insightful feedback, practical advice and motivation.

Negotiating and Relationship-building: 2-3 hours

Reaching an agreement is harder than ever when you can’t physically look someone in the eyes at the start of the conversation or shake their hand at the end of it. But with a few simple concepts you can find those elusive win-wins faster and more often. In this workshop we will look at how the best negotiators use their empathy, impact skills, patience and determination not to crush their enemies but to find common ground.

  • The difference between negotiating and haggling
  • The compromise trap
  • Pendulum arbitration
  • Making your impact skills work for you
  • The importance of empathy.

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“This was an extremely high-quality workshop.”

Local Government Officer, City Bank

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