For 20 years our specialist team has been helping people in global organisations become more confident and expert at building relationships and communicating with influence. Today those fundamental principles of human connection can help your people overcome the communication challenges of the pandemic. Insightful feedback, practical advice and motivation.

Chairing a virtual meeting – 2 hours

Running the room when it’s a Zoom is a subtly different and potentially treacherous ask,  but expectations are low, and we can show some simple ways to be better than the norm. This session is useful for those who have never chaired a meeting – and crucial for those who are experienced at it but exasperated with the cognitive battering that the new world is testing us with

  • Triage principles when agenda planning
  • Assertive ground rules
  • Time management
  • Generating engaged input
  • Feedback versus blocking
  • Collaborating, or contributing?

Ideal for a group of six. NB This session is not a passive lecture but an active workout – perfect for the group quarterly meeting when you have a post-lunch slot to fill.

Delivered remotely via Zoom (or the video conferencing platform of your choice) by one of our experienced trainers.

“Concrete, and very useful for a manager.”

Insurance Assessor

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