Being looked at makes many people nervous. It’s a near-universal anxiety-inducer.

For that reason, many people dislike giving presentations, and many people – who are very articulate, convincing and charming when they aren’t presenting – can’t come across at their warm, easy, charismatic best in this context.

We can help.

We know exactly how to tackle these anxieties and start the process of eradicating them altogether. We can work with people to develop more impactful behaviour that will help them both seem and feel happy and in control of the room.

And we can show them how storytelling techniques can give them a presentation that flows, that is imbued with their personality, that resonates with the audience and which they will remember.

And if your presentation has suddenly become a webinar at short notice, we can look at the changes in approach which may be necessary to both account for the problems caused by remote presenting, but also to take advantage of some of the possibilities that this opens up.

If you’re filled with anxiety about that presentation you have coming up, or you’re worried that all you’re doing is reading out bullet points to a bored audience, you should get in touch with our team today.

Whether it’s a regular team-update, a rare opportunity to pitch for new business or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tell your story on a huge stage, we can help you present with style, passion and clarity.

“The trainer was incredible – super colourful, engaging, illustrative. Best trainer I’ve ever had!”

Associate Lawyer

“We did enjoy your seminar; we think it was the best one of the conference, everyone was talking about it all day!”

Medical Information Scientist

“I attended one of your courses on Sales Pitching in 2012, and I still refer to it as the best day’s training I have ever done.”

Professional Services Sales Leader

“An excellent coach. Positive, engaging, amusing when appropriate and never straying from the plot. I would certainly recommend the Spontaneity Shop.”


“It was a really amazing class, so I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed it. I no longer feel nervous in presentations. In fact I’ve started looking forward to them, knowing that I now have the tools to not only make the experience more pleasant for myself, but to make sure the people I’m presenting to have a good time too. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating with people. Amazing.”

Advertising Client Director
Personal Impact