Our most popular and flexible workshop – the bedrock of much of our other work.

Personal impact in the workplace is absolutely crucial, whether you are aiming to improve sales, inspire your team, “manage up”, make media appearances or just build a strong team.

Sometimes you just click with people straight away and these things all become easy. Sometimes, you struggle and it can be hard to understand why. In fact, it is notoriously difficult to discuss these without resorting to magical language, such as describing a person’s ‘aura’.

In fact, people who manage to strike the right note even in high-pressure situations don’t have a mystical power bestowed on a chosen few at birth – charismatic people behave in a charismatic way.

This workshop identifies those behaviours, gives people practice at them and sends people away with a new, shared language, some motivating feedback from an expert coach, and personal tips to develop their own impact at work and elsewhere.

An introduction to this work serves as an excellent conference kick-off or energiser, or it can be delivered as a practical workshop with a group of 10-12 or a longer coaching programme with just one or two people.

“The trainer was incredible – super colourful, engaging, illustrative. Best trainer I’ve ever had!”

Associate Lawyer

“We did enjoy your seminar; we think it was the best one of the conference, everyone was talking about it all day!”

Medical Information Scientist

“I attended one of your courses on Sales Pitching in 2012, and I still refer to it as the best day’s training I have ever done.”

Professional Services Sales Leader

“An excellent coach. Positive, engaging, amusing when appropriate and never straying from the plot. I would certainly recommend the Spontaneity Shop.”


“It was a really amazing class, so I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed it. I no longer feel nervous in presentations. In fact I’ve started looking forward to them, knowing that I now have the tools to not only make the experience more pleasant for myself, but to make sure the people I’m presenting to have a good time too. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating with people. Amazing.”

Advertising Client Director
Personal Impact