Following the success of our programmes as internal training events, we are now offering a variety of open workshops, where individuals can come and take advantage this exciting training. You will have the opportunity to develop fresh skills and build your confidence in a private group of strangers, instead of taking new steps under the eyes of your own peers, superiors and team members in an internal training event.

Our next event is an Open Charisma Key workshop on 25 June 2019 at the Jerwood Space in London. Click here to reserve your place..

About the workshop

This powerful combination of acting technique, confidence building, body language and psychology has the power to transform a business person’s impact in meetings, presentations, and in all workplace interactions, build confidence and get great results from other people. After attending this workshop, clients discover that they can consciously but subtly change attitudes and
atmospheres rather than only taking a reactive role.

In this full day session you will learn…

  • What nonverbal signals you are sending out and how to take control of them
  • How to enter a room and have all eyes on you
  • How to deliver a presentation with authority and charm
  • How to manage communications with juniors, peers and superiors
  • The secrets of truly confident, charismatic behaviour

Rates for charities on application.

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