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COVID-19 UPDATE: Don’t let the virus stop you learning.

We are currently delivering all of our courses and workshops remotely, so that your people can dial in from anywhere to benefit from a truly interactive learning session. We are also offering training on converting in-person meetings into webinars and delivering workshops on the specific challenges of communicating and building relationships via video calling and other technologies. To find out more, sign up for our free taster, or get in touch.

The Spontaneity Shop’s Professional Development focuses on three main areas.

Personal impact

Also called “presence”, “charisma” or “gravitas”, it’s the way that some people have of effortlessly striking the right note again and again, while other people flounder. It’s how you can be at your best even if you’re feeling out-of-your depth. Applicable to client meetings, sales, leadership and much more, it’s our most popular and flexible offering; and we can now teach you how to be at your best using remote platforms like Zoom and MS Teams.

Read more about personal impact.


Also called “narrative” or just “communication”. It’s all too easy to get lost in the details, especially if you’re trying to explain something to someone else who lacks your expertise. We work with people to put their personality into the way the talk in professional contexts, and make sure that their point comes across with perfect clarity.

Read more about storytelling.


This combines some aspects of both the other two. It’s about how to express confidence and enthusiasm, how to arrange your material with style and precision and how to deal with any nerves you might be feeling. We can also help you if your presentation has suddenly become a webinar at short notice.

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As well as these three core offerings, we also work with groups and individuals on negotiation skills, developing creativity, working better as a team and developing corporate messaging.

Our team

Our work is led by Spontaneity Shop directors Tom Salinsky and Alex MacLaren but we also have access to a pool of other talented trainers, speakers, comedians and actors, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if the job you have in mind needs more people.

Tom Salinsky
Tom Salinsky
Tom Salinsky is one of the co-founders of The Spontaneity Shop. With Deborah Frances-White, he is the author of The Improv Handbook now in its second edition. He produces three podcasts for The Spontaneity Shop – The Guilty Feminist, Global Pillage and Best Pick which he also presents.

Tom is also a writer. With Robert Khan, he is the author of five plays including KINGMAKER (“Sharply satirical ****” – The List) and BREXIT (“Wonderful *****” – The Scotsman) as well as numerous audio plays for Big Finish.

His training work covers a wide range of activities from one-on-one coaching to workshop programmes to speaking at large events. He regularly delivers work on all The Spontaneity Shop’s core themes, but his speciality is communication through storytelling.

Alex MacLaren
Alex MacLaren
Alex MacLaren’s work for the Spontaneity Shop investigates team co-operation, personal impact, communication and creativity. He has worked as an actor all over the UK and abroad, taught for RADA and the Tisch School of Arts New York, and worked with business clients since 2002.

His experience in the corporate field ranges from law firms to banks, retail companies to advertising agencies and TV production companies; he has worked with clients at all levels, from new hires to CEOs.

“The trainer was incredible – super colourful, engaging, illustrative. Best trainer I’ve ever had!”

Associate Lawyer

“We did enjoy your seminar; we think it was the best one of the conference, everyone was talking about it all day!”

Medical Information Scientist

“I attended one of your courses on Sales Pitching in 2012, and I still refer to it as the best day’s training I have ever done.”

Professional Services Sales Leader

“An excellent coach. Positive, engaging, amusing when appropriate and never straying from the plot. I would certainly recommend the Spontaneity Shop.”


“It was a really amazing class, so I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed it. I no longer feel nervous in presentations. In fact I’ve started looking forward to them, knowing that I now have the tools to not only make the experience more pleasant for myself, but to make sure the people I’m presenting to have a good time too. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of communicating with people. Amazing.”

Advertising Client Director

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We can deliver this material in single hour-long sessions, or interactively over a number of days. We can coach your people one-on-one in senior programmes, work with larger groups in a web seminar setting, or we can dial into your web conference or away-day. And we like a challenge so if you have an idea for something and you think we might be right for it, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Deborah Frances-White runs her own practice which covers some of the personal impact material but also specialises in diversity and inclusion.