Going on a course can feel slightly scary; to learn we must face and embrace our failures. At our workshops we make a virtue of this, and validate it – after all when any human is learning they are heroically heading on a new path, and ‘scary’ is how every adventure feels. When we work with corporate groups in-house, the shared experiences and mission can make for exhilarating discoveries, when a problem that was thought to be a personal weakness turns out to be a shared one, and possibly even a helpful indicator of more structural vulnerabilities, which the company can strengthen now they are exposed.

But for some learners, those in-house sessions may not be an option. Some people are sole traders; some businesses are still small enough to need people at the phone so that a group can’t be assembled. And some people’s work culture means that even with an external coach offering support and setting a healthy tone they won’t feel able to risk the openness that behavioural change needs.

At our open events for individuals you’ll be learning safely alongside total strangers who are not your commercial rivals – all facing challenges slightly different but with surprising common threads. In our calendar we now have sessions on Impact, Storytelling, Negotiations and finessing your Zoom software set-up. Have a look and book today!