The independent report into the UK Home Secretary’s management style reported back last week, and was instantly (and reasonably) the subject of hot debate at the virtual water cooler; schoolyard intimidation tactics seem to be a pattern among high officials in the last few years…

Bullying is a thing we all learn about early in our lives, and those same schoolyard behaviour patterns of dominance and submission live on in our adult communities too. The power politics of the workplace are less overt, and hopefully less destructive – but they can still be confusing, especially when leaders feel under pressure to seem ‘in charge’. At our virtual training session ‘The Charisma Key’ I’ll be walking attendees through the map of ‘status dynamics’ and teaching them how to negotiate the subtleties of confident (NOT arrogant) workplace leadership behaviour – and how to handle those who are still using the tactics of the schoolyard.

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Alex MacLaren, Nov 2020