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What do our students say about us?

This is an excellent course that I would recommend to anybody interested in being a better human being.Mark Stringer

Every week it felt like we learned something new and there was always stuff to reflect on between times.Charis Bury

Huge amounts of fun and a very enjoyable experience.Recent student

I would (and do) recommend the Spontaneity Shop to everyone wanting to get a thorough grounding in impro.Jude Claybourne

I had a great time. I thought the atmosphere was great, loved meeting the other participants and found the teachers inspiring.Katy Miller

You guys are top notch!Sumit Sahni

Excellent teachers and constructive, entertaining lessons.Recent student

I began by thinking it would be a scary weekend - one of the reasons I wanted to do it was because I am shy in front of groups - but it was great fun and a fantastic way to build confidence.Recent student

Aside from feeding into any creative work I do in the future, I think the lessons about status and the importance of being fearless will help me in my life in general.Recent student

Having had no experience of similar workshops and working in very technical professional, I was uncertain what to expect. However, the workshops exceeded any expectations that I did have.Lorna

An additional bonus, which I had not considered before the course, was how the exercises and concepts apply to everyday interactions, especially in the workplace.Lorna

The workshops are great and I have recommended them to a number of friends who have booked on the courses.Stella Michael

Keep it up, guys! The courses have helped me a lot.Jonathan Kahn

The introduction of improv into my life has been a source of great joy and growth and has helped me to be less critical of myself.Recent student

It was a great course. I've recommended it to several people and would happily do it again.Dan

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